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Plax provides outstanding candidates for your top jobs. We mainly deal with high-calibre, passive candidates, proactively sourced by our team. As a result we tap into a source of talent which it is difficult for recruitment firms to access.

All candidates are pre-qualified, and you will be provided with a short candidate summary containing all the information you require for accurate matching.

We may ask you to provide us with a detailed description of the position you wish to recruit for, including company information, terms and conditions, reasons why the job vacancy has arisen, and the name of the line-manager.

We will normally share all the information about the job and the company with the candidates unless there are specific instructions from the employer not to do so. It is always our endeavour to engage in details discussions with the candidates prior to forwarding their details to you so that there is practically minimal scope for a mismatch. If the candidate is found suitable by the employer, we will then facilitate a meeting between the prospective employer and the candidate as necessary and represent the candidate in salary negotiations if required.

We have proven expertise in sourcing international expatriates for clients in the oil&gas industry and would be happy to discuss the specific requirements with your Human Resources Manager. Whether you require a General Manager or an Engineering Manager for international postings in Europe, Africa, South America, FSU, or Asia-Pacific, we have the wherewithal to fulfil your requirements.

Career coaching and Training in Derivatives Trading

We provide 2 levels of training modules (basic and advanced) depending upon the aptitude, experience and skillsets of the prospective trainee.

Career coaching: This part of the module covers CV writing, skillsets required, career paths, job prospects and remuneration levels.

Training: This is the main part of the module with theoretical and practical computer simulation exercises covering options theory, (stochastic differential equations, Black–Scholes, Monte-carlo, volatility), price behaviours (delta, gamma, vega), strategies and trading positions.

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